Who are we?

The Zone Atelier Antarctique LTSER monitors long term dynamics in biodiversity and ecosystems of the French Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Territories, including the Southern Ocean. We are particularly interested in the effects of human activities at a local (presence, fishing, species introductions) or a global scale (climate change, pollution).

Location of our research areas, encompassing terrestrial, coastal and pelagic ecosystems, along with the main Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations.

This LTSER is composed of multiple and inter-connected research programmes and labs that share resources, logistic support, and data. It is funded by institutes like CNRS, INRA, with strong support from IPEV and IFREMER.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • generate basic knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics in polar environments. We study taxonomy, biogeography, behaviour, ecology, population and community structure and dynamics, host-pathogens and trophic interactions.
  • participate and stimulate multidisciplinary research at large scale: marine sciences, climate modelling, environmental sensoring.
  • implement the philosophy of the LTSER network: research seen as a part of a socio-ecological process, with accessible infrastructures, data, in the framework of participative sciences.
  • provide prospective elements for the development of a sustainable, efficient and ambitious research plan for the next decades in polar regions.
  • assist policy makers and environment managers at global scale