Research Programs

Here you will find the various programs included in the Zone Atelier, funded either by the French Polar Institute IPEV or by IFREMER.

Leader: Christophe Guinet
CyclEleph 1201 IPEV: Ethology, Ecology and Physiology of Sea Elephants
Leader: Christophe Barbraud.
Ornitho-Eco 109 IPEV: Ecology of Marine Birds.
Leader: David Renault
Subanteco 136 IPEV: Invasion Biology and Ecology
Leader: Françoise Hennion
Plantevol 1116 IPEV: Endemic plants evolution
Leader: Charly Bost
Oiseaux plongeurs 394 IPEV: Behavioural ecology
Leader: Philippe Koubbi
REPCCOAI Ifremer: Pelagic marne biology
Leader: Camille Mazé.
Programme ApoliMer: decision-making processes and modes of governance related to the management of the environment and natural resources
Leader: Cédric Cotté
THEMISTO: Distribution and ecology of zooplankton and pelagic fishes through acoustic sensoring
Leader: Yves Saint-Pierre
MusselKer 1245: Multi-Omics platform to monitor coastal marine ecosystems in Kerguelen islands
Leader: Yan Ropert Coudert
Ammer 1091 IPEV: Adelie penguins as bio-platforms
Leader: Jacques Labonne
Salmevol 1041 IPEV: Evolutionary ecology of introduced salmonids
Leader: Thomas Saucède
Proteker 1044 IPEV: Coastal marine biology and conservation
Leader: Céline Le Bohec
Ecophy 137: Eco-physiology of marine birds.
Leader: Jean-Benoît Charrassin
Asset 1182: Antarctic seals and the sea-ice environment
Leader: Thierry Boulinier
Ecopath 1151: Epidemiology in marine birds
Leader: Vincent Viblanc
Econergy 119 IPEV: Physiology of marine birds