Research Programs

Here you will find the various programs included in the Zone Atelier, funded either by the French Polar Institute IPEV or by IFREMER.

Ornitho-Eco 109 IPEVEcology of marine birds

Henri Weimerskirch
Econergy 119 IPEVPhysiology of marine birds

Jean-Patrice Robin
Subanteco 136 IPEVInvasion Biology and Ecology

David Renault
Ecophy 137 IPEVEco-physiology of marine birds

Céline Le Bohec
Oiseaux Plongeurs 394 IPEVBehavioural Ecology

Charly Bost
Salmevol 1041 IPEVEvolutionary ecology of introduced salmonids

Philippe Gaudin
Proteker 1044 IPEVCoastal marine biology and conservation

Thomas Saucède
Ammer 1091 IPEVAdelie penguins as bio-platforms
Yan Ropert Coudert

Plantevol 1116 IPEVEndemic plants evolution

Françoise Hennion
Ecopath 1151Epidemiology in marine birds

Thierry Boulinier
Repccoai IFREMER Pelagic Marine Biology

Philippe Koubbi
ImmunoToxKer 409Immuno-physiological observatory in subAntarctic environments
Stéphane Bétoulle
ASSET 1182 Antarctic Seals and the sea-ice environment
Jean Benoît Charrassin

Distribution and ecology of zooplankton and pelagic fishes through acoustic sensoring

Cédric Cotté