Access to data

LTSER ZATA teams are feeding the following repositories with their long term data monitorings:

  • Native and introduced plants in the French Austral and Antarctique Territories in the taxonomical referential (TaxRef) of the National Inventory for Natural Heritage:

  • Medata of the French programmes funded by the French Polar Institute, feeding directly the Global Change Master Directory:

  • MEMO observatory on Southern Ocean, recorded by remote sensors equipped elephant seals (temperature, salinity, fluorescence, oxygen):

  • Sea Birds Tracking data:

  • Retrospective Analysis of Antarctic Tracking Data, SCAR initiative:

  • BirdLife Database ; Tracking Ocean Wanderers :

  • Barcoding data in “Barcode of Life Data Systems” :

  • Field campaign and sampling data :

  • Introduced Fishes scales informations in the COLISA database (RARe Research Infrastructure, BRC4Env) :